We're Pregnant!

Baby Annoucement-8.jpg

It’s kind of surreal writing this post, because I still feel like I should be shooting tequila in college, but it’s official: we’re having a baby! A baby boy to be more specific, and he is set to make his grand entrance this October. I’m not the best at keeping a secret, especially when it comes to exciting things happening in my life, so I can’t tell you how good it feels to let y’all in on this news!

For this post I wanted to start at the VERY beginning.

I promised my husband we would start trying for baby last April after we ran in our first half marathon. We’d been training for awhile, and I wanted to wait until we had completed it before starting down the road to parenthood. After we crossed the finish line I still didn’t feel like the time was right, and he wasn’t pressing the issue, so I let a couple of months go by without saying anything.

Fast forward, and it was already June before I knew it, which meant it was time to have my IUD removed. I had promised Geoffrey I wouldn’t get another one put back in, and we would just see what happens. This might be a good time to mention that I had applied for a position at my dream company around the same time, and right after I had my IUD removed I found out I got the job. Starting a new job and trying to get pregnant at the same time wasn’t the right move for me personally, so we decided to once again put off trying until after our trip to Africa in December. Around this time a friend gave me the Clearblue Fertility Monitor she had used while trying to get pregnant, and I started using it along with the Ovia app right away to AVOID getting pregnant.

Another six months went by and during that time: we had an INCREDIBLE time on our trip to Africa, it was a brand new year, and it was officially go time. I told myself it would probably take about six months and not to stress myself out. I went through the motions of using my fertility monitor and logging everything in my Ovia app as I had been doing for a while now, but this time when it said “PEAK” we went for it instead of avoiding it.

About a week later my boobs were absolutely killing me. Now, I always have sore boobs a week or so before my period, but the soreness usually goes away after about 1-2 days. This time it wasn’t. There was no way I could be pregnant our first time actually trying! Mentally, I wasn’t ready for it to actually happen. I mean, I liked the idea of being pregnant, but for it to come to fruition was a bit of a different story. And, it was only about a week after my peak. WTF, I couldn’t already be having symptoms! Right?

I took a pregnancy test the weekend of Super Bowl, and it came back negative so I lived it up that Sunday. The rosé and tequila were flowing. The Tuesday after Super Bowl my boobs were still beyond sore, and I thought I had to be pregnant. I took a test and the faintest line you have ever seen was there. Now, I wish I had a really cute story to tell y’all about how I told Geoffrey, but, in typical me style, I spazed out and threw the test in his face. He couldn’t see the line and told me to go back to sleep. I was beyond annoyed. I was pregnant, and I KNEW it!

The next day I scheduled a doctors appointment, because I have zero patience and there was NO WAY I could wait another 4 days until the time I was SUPPOSED to take a pregnancy test. My heart was pounding at the doctors office. She was about to tell me that I was officially pregnant, there was no turning back now. Welp, the urine test had come back negative. I passionately explained to her that I wasn’t crazy, I had seen a line, and there were supposed to be no false positives, right?? She indulged me and conducted a blood test just to be sure.

Thursday and Friday passed without any news. I was dying at this point and had pretty much bought out every grocery store of pregnancy tests. Everyday that pink line kept getting darker and darker. I knew I was pregnant, but needed that phone call with the blood results just to confirm I wasn’t crazy. After the longest weekend, and me full of anxiety, I got a call first thing Monday morning to confirm that we were in fact pregnant!

HOLY SHIT. Pardon my french but shit officially just got real.

After the shock wore off the excitement began to seep in. Again, I wish I had Pinterest worthy photos and stories to show and tell you how we told our families, but again that is not my strong suit. I’m much better at just blurting out life changing news.

I can’t tell you how excited we are for this little peanut to join our family this fall, and I can’t wait to take you all along on this adventure of a lifetime!