All About the Coravin


Have y’all heard of the Coravin? Simply put, the Coravin is a system that allows you to enjoy a glass of wine without removing the cork. It uses a needle to pierce the cork and then uses nitrogen gas to pump the wine through the needle. Pretty snazzy, huh?

I heard about the Coravin a couple of years back through work. The thought of being able to pour a glass of really nice wine without committing to finishing the bottle was pretty freaking awesome. I didn’t really commit to one for a couple of years because they can be a little pricy, but after receiving one as a wedding gift I was hooked.

Now, let’s back up a for a second. If you are the type to open a bottle of wine and finish it in the same night (guilty), this product might not be worth the $$; honestly, I use mine for work as much if not more often than I use it at home. However, if you want to savor that really great bottle of wine a little longer or only plan to have a glass with dinner in the evening or every so often then the Coravin is perfect for you!

Seriously, it’s super nice to have around when we have a really nice bottle that we want to have around for a few extra days or even weeks. We can each have a glass and then put it back on the wine rack, and then come back a month later to enjoy the rest of it which is totally a game changer.

I love giving the Coravin as a wedding gift (it makes a great group gift), housewarming gift and it makes a killer father’s day gift if your dad is as much of a wine lover as mine. Or it’s just a great gift to treat yourself to if anything in this article checks a box for you.

Bottom line, the Coravin is definitely not a necessity, but a luxury that is extremely nice to have around.