24 Week Update

24 Weeks-7.jpg

Week 24 was an interesting one. The week started out chaotic after our doctors visit and only got crazier from there. I tried my best to listed to my own advice about not worrying about things out of my control, but the struggle was REAL this week. Between baby and a family emergency it was just A LOT.

Oh Sh*t Moments

  1. Doctor Visit - We had a regular check up with our doctor this week, and everything went pretty smoothly. After talking with her about the regularity of my Braxton Hick’s contractions she decided to schedule an ultra sound just to make sure my cervix wasn’t thinning at all. I didn’t find this too alarming, was honestly just excited to see my little man again!

  2. Ultra Sound - Great news, my cervix is crushing it! Peanut isn’t making his appearance anytime soon, thank goodness. But besides that, the ultra sound was pretty nerve wracking. We had to go to another office for this one, since our normal technician was on vacation, and I learned that bedside manner really makes a difference. The technician who did our ultra sound wasn’t bad, she just wasn’t the warm and comforting Brandi that we’re used to. She kept making comments on how his abdomen and femur were measuring super small, but couldn’t go into detail and told us our doctor would call and explain. Lady, if you can’t go into detail please don’t keep talking about how small he’s measuring. You seriously know how to stress a pregnant woman out!

  3. Waiting Game - I think this was the hardest part of last week, just waiting for the doctor to call after our ultrasound. Right after our ultrasound we had to rush down to south Georgia for a family funeral and I was glued to my phone the next 36 hours waiting for that call. Of course, when she finally did call I missed it. I LOVE our OB, but didn’t love getting a voicemail saying “Hi Kelsey, just calling to discuss your ultra sound, the next steps and kind of talk you through things. I’ll try back later”. Ummm, WTF does “next steps” and “talk you through things” even mean?? When she finally called back about an hour later she explained he was measuring a little small and that she would like to send us to a perinatal specialist to get more accurate measurements. Definitely not ideal, but at least she didn’t sound too worried? UPDATE: We had our appointment today and although he is measuring a little small there is no need for concern, he’s just a little baby. Follow up in 6 weeks to keep tracking his growth.

Works in Progress

  1. Eating Healthy - A follower recommended this book, and I read the entire thing while away last week. I really liked her approached to explaining why certain foods are healthier when creating a human. She is very matter-of-fact when it comes to her research, but is still semi laid back. I am trying my best to abide by the principles laid out in the book, but, as always, not going to get too anal about following it to a T.

  2. Nursery - We are going with a safari theme and ordered these prints from Etsy and I am in love! I went ahead and ordered the actual 11X14 prints instead of the PDFs to print myself, because I honestly don’t feel like going through the hassle of printing them myself. Geoffrey found this set of frames from Target that are perfect. My mom is helping with our nursery and ordered the crib, dresser and side table from Pottery Barn Kids this week because they are all on sale!

  3. Nesting Hard - I am all about organizing and getting the house ready for Peanut.


  • My in-laws ordered our stroller this week for the baby, and y’all I am so freaking excited. We went with the UPPAbaby Vista in Gregory. It’s our first big gift for Peanut, and is really making everything real.

  • These labels from The Home Edit are my everything at the moment. Labeling the shit out of anything and everything in our house. They have packs of labels for pretty much every room.

  • I know this sounds super corny, but so grateful for both of our families. We are so lucky to have such a loving and supportive family; especially our parents. I am honestly very thankful everyday for all of them.