22 Week Update

So, I decided to start something new this week. From this point forward I plan to post weekly updates for the remainder of my pregnancy. “Why?”, you ask. Pregnancy life is moving very quickly, and, selfishly, I want to have something to look back on once peanut is here. Also, many things are happening to you and your body during this crazy time, and I thought it might be helpful to share my experiences with you. So, let’s jump on in and catch up on all things week 22.

Oh Sh*T Moments

  1. Braxton Hicks Contractions - I always knew these were a thing that happened during pregnancy, but I had NO IDEA they could make an appearance so early. I experienced these pretty frequently as I was traveling last week for work. My stomach would get really hard, and there would be a good amount of pressure. It basically felt like I really had to poop, and then would go away after 30-45 seconds. At first I thought I was just having insane gas pains but, nope, my doctor reassured me it was just good ole braxton hicks. She also informed me that not drinking enough water, exercising too hard and sex would make them worse. So now I’m glued to my water, calming down on the exercise, and just dealing with them otherwise.

  2. Leaking Boobs - Yes, you read that right. During my 22nd week of pregnancy I experienced what I now know was colostrum leaking out of one of my boobs. And it didn’t just happen once, I got to experience this joyful part of being an expecting mother multiple times. It started as a clear sticky substance, and by the end of the week a golden color liquid was slowly flowing out. So, I did what any rational pregnant woman would do and Googled the shit out of what was happening to me. Ladies, if you follow ANY advice I give you please learn from my mistake and do not Google anything when pregnant. After 30 minutes I was convinced I had a rare form of breast cancer and started to hyperventilate just a bit. Luckily a couple of weeks ago we decided to hire a baby basics / lactation consultant who is a GODSEND (more on this below), and after a quick text exchange she calmly talked me off the ledge and explained milk production can start this early. She also informed me that since the seal has officially been broken I can expect leakage the remainder of my pregnancy, especially during showers and sex. Contractions and leaking boobs, how will my husband be able to resist me?

Works in Progress

  1. Baby Names - Naming a human being is HARD. I’m not saying that I thought it would be easy, but I thought we’d have a pretty good idea by now of what his name is going to be. A girlfriend gave me this book, so hopefully we’ll make some progress by next week’s update!

  2. Nesting - This is in full force in our household, and not only when it comes to all things baby. We are currently in the midst of a much needed house face lift. We recently installed this chandelier in our dining room, and I’m obsessed. Next up, we’re looking to paint the entire interior Half Moon Crest by Benjamin Moore. Thoughts?

  3. Registry - It’s constantly evolving, but I think we have a pretty good base. We are registering through Buy Buy Baby and Babylist. So far I’m digging both, and will keep you updated through the process. I’ll probably do an entire post on what we decided to register for but, for now, here are a couple of items that we’re pretty excited about:


  1. Baby Kicks - OMG, I don’t think I will ever get sick of feeling his little movements and kicks. I can be having the worst day and as soon as I feel him move everything is suddenly better.

  2. Carbs - Obsessed doesn’t even scratch the surface of my current feelings on carbs. Let’s put it this way, deciding on whether or not we want the bread basket at a restaurant isn’t even a question. Even if the everyone at the table is on a Whole30 cleanse, we’re getting it. Pizza, pasta, a whole loaf of bread, I don’t discriminate.

  3. BKR Water Bottle - I’ve always been a big water drinker, but with all of the contractions I have upped my water intake in a big way. I am aiming for a minimum of a gallon a day, so I got the 33 oz bottle and it is perfect. Bonus: it is glass and is dishwasher safe!

  4. Lululemon Pace Rival Skirt - Summer is officially here in Atlanta, and it is HOT. I’ve never been comfortable wearing shorts, but there is no way I can wear leggings in this weather and this tennis skirt is perfect for my morning walks. I bought one just to see how I liked it, and I am ordering another this week.

  5. Baby Basics Atlanta - I’ll probably do an entire post on my experience with Megan once the baby comes, but all I can say OMG she is worth every penny. We got connected through the “Mom’s on Call” program, and we’re using her as a lactation consultant as well.